At Kolonaki, and in particular at Omirou Street, there is a tiny French café, which will surely make you take a break from your everyday life. It’s all about Petite Fleur, which in Greek means, little flower. Low lighting, warm colors, a piano and classic furniture are enough for a magical journey to Paris. The final touch that comes to complete the fairytale scene is the jazz music that is played by vinyl records on an old turntable. In addition to the wonderful setting, the cafe has a wide variety of chocolates and teas. For me personally, they serve the best chocolate of Athens, made from French organic Valhrona chocolate, which is traditionally melted in bain marie, and organic milk. The scent of chocolate that melts, floods the room and awakens all the senses.

A very good choice are the teas that are served very meticulously in porcelain teapots along with gilt mugs. Furthermore, the coffee that it is used is 100% Arabica, organically grown by the Italian company Goppion and has a Fair Trade certification. Everything that Petite Fleur offers is of excellent quality and is prepared with great care and love.