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Petite Fleur

From Our Menu

  • Lemon Tart

    Fresh lemon tart with crispy biscuit base and tasty lemon cream.

  • Tea

    Tea, green tea, herbal tea and iced tea, with one of a kind flavor combinations.

  • Chocolate drinks

    Secret chocolate recipes with fresh ingredients and a variety of flavors.

  • Chocolate Cake

    Homemade chocolate cake glazed with chocolate for a maximum chocolate pleasure.

  • Red Velvet Cake

    Fluffy spongecake with homemade white chocolate cream.

  • Chocolate Tart

    Homemade tart with crispy biscuit base and smooth chocolate cream.

Petite Fleur

Talking About Us


If Amelie lived in Athens, she would have had several choices for tender tete-a-tete at one of the «Petite Fleur» café places which started from 44 Omirou Street to now…

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Athens Voice

Petite Fleur was named after Sidney Bechet’s homonymous song. Small, colorful and scented, like a flower that has just been cut, has a Parisian scent and it steals your heart…

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One of the most classic spots of the town square, our favorite French bistro teleports us to Paris, not only with its romantic decoration, its vintage furniture and its small…

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At Kolonaki, and in particular at Omirou Street, there is a tiny French café, which will surely make you take a break from your everyday life. It’s all about Petite…

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What Our Clients Say


A magical coffee shop, where you can enjoy many tasty and homemade choices, in a cozy atmosphere from a past era!

A. M.

Amazing place, very nice coffee, great desserts and brunch, amazing atmosphere, perfect music, respect for non-smokers. What else could you ask for? Congratulations!!!

F. P. L.

A wonderful place that reminds you of atmospheric European cafes… fine music, beautiful decoration. Exquisite brunch flavors, fantastic hot chocolate.

N. P. M.


We are enthusiasts of diversity and as this is the catalyst for our success, we are also looking for it from our partners.

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