Petite Fleur was named after Sidney Bechet’s homonymous song. Small, colorful and scented, like a flower that has just been cut, has a Parisian scent and it steals your heart before you can realize it. If you are a non-smoker, you will love it even more: here smoking is forbidden for the past 10 years (long before the anti-smoking law). It offers excellent organic coffees (definitely try the exquisite “Cappuccino Fleur”), it has a wonderful variety of teas and organic drinks, but the reason why it is famous is its magical chocolates. With melted Valrhona chocolate (perhaps the best chocolate in the world), come in cold or hot and makes you melt. You will find chocolates infused with alcohol, with spices and a lot of imagination that will come to your table in a pink mug if you are a girl and blue if you are a boy. All of these amazing thigs become even more dreamy when the turntable needle touches the disc and jazz sounds flood the atmosphere. Wednesday evenings are dedicated to live jazz, that with good company and with even better wine will keep you up until late.